This Test Predicts with 100% Accuracy Where on the Cat Lady Spectrum You Fall

A group of RV campers in their 60's chuckle at the cat on the leash and the crazy lesbians following her around taking pictures.

A Tail of Two Mice

You know when you get to the end of a horror movie and find out it was the boyfriend all along? And looking back on various scenes, it totally makes sense that it was him, but the audience doesn't realize it until he's killed half the town? That was how it was with us and … Continue reading A Tail of Two Mice

If I’m Going to Die in Nuclear War, Why Not Go Out Laughing?

Once again, Donald is forced to make a tough choice...

Happy National Lesbian Ambiguity Day (aka National Girlfriends Day)!

Talk about a flashback to high school lesbian ambiguity problems.

21 Pictures That Will Magically Transport You Along on Our Badass Road Trip

The heat makes people do crazy things, like craft what is presumably a vagina worship station.