Hi, I’m Lindsay Shaver, and this is a blog about the everyday thangs that tweak the trajectory of my life.

bond james bond

The name’s Shaver. Lindsay Shaver.

I started writing this for two main reasons: one, to communicate content that’s more meaningful than a status update of a picture of my meal; and two, because I like to write and make memes. The offspring of these objectives is a stream-of-consciousness record of things that make me laugh, cry, get mad, feel inspired, or think deeply.

kitten piano

A portrayal of how I experience emotions.

If you’re asking yourself, “Who is this broad and why should I listen to her? I’m just here for the memes.” You do you, boo, because I’m just here for the buffet. Read on and see what resonates. If you are a sentient or semi-sentient being (yes, neural networks, I’m talking to you), you might just chuckle reading about the similarities between your kids and my cats. Or understand my pain in dealing with an insane Airbnb guest.

kitten racing

Me chasing my dream career.


Follow along on Shaver Thangs as we embark on the next scary, funny, and exciting chapter in the picture book of my life.

7 thoughts on “About

      • Thys says:

        You’re most welcome.I came back to double-check your approach to life, photoshopping, cats, “similar poses” et al. You are indeed correct! We could have been related in a distant galaxy somewhere not destroyed by the Death Star? Your pose actually looks studious. Mine was a contrived effort at getting my ostentatious Leatherman bracelet into the pic … hahah

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lindsay M. Shaver says:

          Ha, I was going to say “brothers from another mother.” And my pic has been doctored to look at least minimally adult, but in reality, I was taking a break at work and drew a huge snail on the dry erase tables in the lobby. I’m pretty sure I didn’t erase it before I left either.

          Liked by 1 person

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