Happy National Lesbian Ambiguity Day (aka National Girlfriends Day)!

The Internet told me that today is National Girlfriends Day. I didn’t realize what it actually celebrates until after I made these for Tina. Talk about a flashback to high school lesbian ambiguity problems.

This goes out to all my girls who have ever cringed when you’ve introduced your girlfriend and the other person said, “Oh so nice to meet a friend from school!”

Note: I drew this in the back of the RV while we were driving through Alabama aka Land of the Potholes, so don’t judge too harshly.

Note #2: The word “girlfriend” began appearing in 1859, according to Merriam-Webster. The Online Etymology Dictionary notes that it was used to describe “a woman’s female friend in youth.” Before that, the term “she-friend” was used beginning in the 17th century.

Can we please bring back the term “she-friend?!”

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